Miller’s Monday Musings #3: Kindness – The Small Coin of Love

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Kindness Scrabble

“Kindness has been called the small coin of love. The word is generally used to designate the little deeds of thoughtfulness and gentleness which make no noise and attract no notice, rather than large and conspicuous acts which all men applaud. One may live many years and never have the opportunity of doing anything great, or anything which calls attention to itself; yet one may, through all one’s years, be kind – filling every day with gentle thoughtfulnesses, helpful ministries, little services of interest, obligingness, sympathy, and small amenities and courtesies.

“Nothing else we can do is more worthwhile than kindness. There is nothing that the world needs more, and nothing else that leaves more real and far-reaching good in human lives. Some day we shall learn that the little deeds of love wrought unconsciously – as we pass on our way – are greater in their helpfulness, and will shine more brightly at the last, than the deeds of renown which we think of as alone making a life great.”

Spend some time today thinking about ways that you can pass on the small coin of love to those around you – especially those within your own family. Ask the Lord for grace to not focus so much on what our fellow-humans esteem as great and noble; but rather, on those tiny acts of kindness and thoughtfulness which are so meaningful and precious to those who receive them – even though most folks will likely never know about them!

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