Miller’s Monday Musings #12: A Home’s True Purpose

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“What is the object of a home? What is its mission? What is it designed to accomplish? What kind of results is it expected to yield? We know the purpose of a blacksmith’s shop; articles and implements of iron are forged and fashioned there. We know what a marble-cutter’s yard is for; forms of grace and beauty are there chiseled from the block. We know what a great factory is designed to do; its shuttles weave the fabrics which men and women are to wear. When an artist sets up a studio, we know what kind of work he expects to send out; on canvas or in marble, he will make the beautiful creations of his genius and send them forth to give inspirations of loveliness to others.

“In every kind of shop or factory or mill which men build, they have some definite purpose to accomplish, and some specific results to be achieved. What, then, are the results which homes are meant to produce? What forms of beauty, and what fabrics of loveliness, are they expected to yield? We begin to think of these questions; and we say, ‘A home is a place in which to sleep and get one’s meals. It is a place in which to rest when one is tired; a place to stay and be cared for when one is sick; a place in which to rock the babies and let the children romp and play; a place to receive one’s friends and keep the treasures one gathers.’

“Is that all? …

“The true idea of a home is that it is a place for growth. It is a place for the parents themselves to grow –to grow into beauty of character; and to grow in refinement, knowledge, strength, wisdom, patience, gentleness, kindliness, and all the Christian graces and virtues. It is a place for children to grow – to grow into physical vigor and health, and to be trained in all that shall make them true and noble men and women. In other words, just as the artist’s studio is built and furnished for the definite purpose of preparing and sending out forms of beauty; so also, a true home is set up, and all its life is ordered, for the definite purpose of training, building up, and sending out human lives – lives that are fashioned into symmetry, filled with lofty impulses and aspirations, governed by principles of rectitude and honor, and prepared to enter upon the duties and struggles of life with wisdom and strength.”

Have you thought about the “mission statement” of your home? As Mr. Miller said above, we can immediately tell what the purpose of a factory or an artist’s studio is. Many companies and businesses even have a clearly defined mission statement that they use to keep themselves aligned with their purpose for existence and their goals for the future.

Does your home only exist as a place for the family members to eat and sleep? Or does your home’s mission statement include the aspiration of true and lasting growth? In what ways can you and your family live more closely in alignment with that worthwhile goal?

Feel free to share your thoughts, opinions, and questions with all of our readers in the comments section below!

God bless you and your family, this day and always.

All for the King’s glory,


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