Miller’s Monday Musings #1: A Sanctuary for God

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Few things that we can do in this world are so well worth doing as the making of a beautiful and happy home. He who does this builds a sanctuary for God, and opens a fountain of blessing for mankind. Far more than we know, the strength and beauty of our lives depend upon the home in which we dwell. He who goes forth in the morning from a happy, loving, prayerful home, into the world’s strife and temptations and struggles and duties – that person is strong, and they are inspired for noble and victorious living. The children who are brought up in a true home go out trained and equipped for life’s battles and tasks – carrying in their hearts a secret of strength, which will make them brave and loyal to God, and which will keep them pure in the world’s sorest temptations. We may all do loving service, therefore, by helping to make one of the world’s homes – the one in which we dwell – brighter and happier! No matter how plain it may be, nor how old-fashioned; yet if love is in it, if prayer connects it with heaven, and if Christ’s benediction is upon it – it will be a transfigured spot.”

How are you personally helping to make the home in which you live a brighter and happier place? Pray that your house may not be a mere arrangement of four walls and a roof, but that it may be a sanctuary for the Lord God. Ask Christ to bestow His blessing upon it, so that it may be a place where the lives of yourself and your family members may be made more strong and beautiful!

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