Make Reformation Day fun!

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Make Reformation Day fun!

Reformation Day is right around the corner on October 31!

Have you ever considered what Reformation Day is all about?

It’s the day that Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses on the Wittenburg Church door. Whether or not you are Protestant, this is a significant event in church history that should be studied.

How can you study the Reformation?

As a homeschool mom or dad, you probably don’t have time to research another historical event and plan fun activities for your children.

No problem!

Why not watch a Celebrating Reformation workshop?

You’ll get more ideas than you can do this year for a unit study about the Reformation. Kerry Beck, who is hosting this workshop, has done all the work for you! Just download and plan, and even discover how to put on your own Reformation party!

October 31st, 1517, was one of the turning points in the history of the world. On that day, Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses to the door of the Wittenburg Church; and with that deed, the Protestant Reformation was born.

Bring this historical event to life with the Celebrating Reformation Day Unit Study!

What’s included in this Reformation Day Unit Study?

Middle Ages Reformation Day Video Workshop (value $15)

  • History of Reformation
  • Major Players of Reformation
  • Snippet biographies of reformers and their impact on history
  • Timeline of Reformation
  • History, Reading & Writing Activities about Reformation
  • Arts & Craft Ideas
  • Resources – Beck Family Favorites
  • How to throw a Reformation Day (or Night) Party
  • Reformation Party Ideas
  • Reformation Party Games
  • Reformation Party Songs
  • Reformation Costumes
  • Reformation Recipes

Celebrating Reformation Day Workshop Slides (value $5)

Reformation Day Activity Guide & Printables (value $15)

  • Research activities
  • Writing & discussion topics
  • Copywork
  • Geography activities
  • Art activities
  • Science activities
  • Reformation party ideas
  • Reformation party recipes

Reformation Day Reading List (value $5)

Videos for Families ($10)

The total value of all these resources is $50, but you get it for at $30 – saving 40%!

And you don’t need to wait for this item to arrive in the mail! It will be delivered digitally, and you can download everything you need instantly.

I highly recommend this Reformation Day Unit Study because all the work has been done for you!

And with a 30-Day Money-Back-Guarantee, you don’t have anything to lose – you can “test drive” the unit study to see if it’s a good fit for your family.

Grab your copy of the Unit Study here, and get ready to make learning about Reformation Day fun!

It’s my prayer that this study may be a blessing to you and your children, and give you inspiration and encouragement as you live a life of Reformation in your own family!

All for the King’s glory,


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