Check out today’s workshops for the Homeschool Mom Summit: Spring Collection!

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Homeschool Mom Summit: Spring Collection

Today’s the day! The first workshop for the Homeschool Mom Summit: Spring Collection kicks off in less than 2 hours at 9am CST and I am SO excited! If you haven’t grabbed your FREE ticket yet – well, here’s your reminder! Get it here…

Have questions about homeschool planning? We’ve got answers for you in today’s sessions! This completely FREE online homeschool planning event features 40 amazing homeschool experts who are ready to teach you how to craft a homeschool planning roadmap that you need to navigate the challenges that planning and scheduling brings.

Tomorrow, Day 2, we’ll have a lineup of workshops on Mama Self-Care & Faith; and Day 3 is all about Curriculum & Resources! It’s all in our summit community platform – totally disconnected from Facebook. 😉

Click here to get your free online ticket and join us at the Homeschool Mom Summit: Spring Collection!

The workshops will stay up for 24 hours, so don’t worry if you see this a little late. But if you think you’re going to miss some, or if you want to keep them forever, you can always upgrade to the Lifetime VIP Pass! (You’ll learn more about it after you register.)

By the way, VIP Passholders will also have access to a new workshop I’m sharing in the exclusive VIP-only Bonus Workshops! It’s called “Strengthen Your Child’s Faith on a Biblical Foundation.” I’d love for you to join me and take an encouraging look at practical ways to strengthen our children’s foundation in the Word of God so they can evaluate life and culture through a Biblical lens.

Homeschool Mom Summit: Spring Collection

Send me a note if you have any questions about this Summit! I truly hope it’s a blessing to you.

All for our King’s glory,

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