Miller’s Monday Musings #44: Homes Like Eden

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Homes Like Eden

The first home that ever existed in this world was in the Garden of Eden. God the Father made it ready for His first children; He made it ready for them before they were even created. I can imagine with what loving thought He prepared this home for them. He made it very beautiful. He gathered into it all the loveliest things of all the earth – trees, plants, flowers, and fruits. Streams of water rippled through it, and there were birds and animals of all kinds in it.

The first home was a garden, but every home should be a garden-spot. An important part of our work in this world is garden-making. We ought to make our homes as beautiful as we can. They may be very plain, perhaps only two or three rooms; but we should put into them all the lovely things we can gather. The first home in this world was in Eden, and we should try to make our homes Edens. Whether it is a luxurious place or bare of earthly comforts, it should be sweet with the fragrance of love and beautiful with the beauty of the Lord.

How can we make new Edens of our homes? What are some of the secrets of home happiness? I might gather them all into one word and say, “Christ!” If we have Christ as our guest, our home will be happy – Christ in the joy and Christ in the sorrow; Christ in the day of plenty and Christ in the day of pinching need; Christ in the business and Christ in the social life; Christ at the marriage-altar and Christ as the wedded pair walk together toward the sunset gate. Christ makes a happy home when He is admitted into all the family life.

Some of our homes seem to have in them everything they need to make them perfect. They are filled with beauty. They have all the equipment and conveniences of modern taste and skill. Music and art and refinement and the best things that money can buy are present. Health and happiness and the gladness of social life yield their portion to the comfort of these homes. But something is still lacking to make the picture complete. It is Christ’s word, “Peace be to this house.” It is a touch of the red of Christ’s cross – His love shed abroad in the home-life. If Christ were admitted as a Guest, His coming would add immeasurably to the joy and sweetness of the home-life.

But there is only one way of taking Christ into our homes and getting His blessing on our home-life. In olden days, there would be a little chapel in great castles where God was formally honored on Sundays, while He was shut out of all the life of other days. It is not in this way that we can take Christ into our homes. He will not come to be a secluded Guest, merely to lodge in loneliness in our best bedroom. He must be welcomed into all our life. He must be in each heart. He must sit at our tables and mingle with us in all our conversation. Christ blesses our home only through the lives of those who make up the family circle.

In what way can you make your home a beautiful Eden today? Have you prayed to the Lord Jesus and asked Him to come into your household and fill it with joy and sweetness by His presence?

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God bless you and your family, this day and always.

All for the King’s glory,


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