Miller’s Monday Musings #38: His Word Cannot be Broken!

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God's Word

“The word of the Lord abideth for ever” (1 Peter 1:25).

Men often make promises to others upon which the others depend, perhaps staking all their interests and happiness upon the word that is given to them – only to find at last that the promises have been forgotten. But God’s least Word is sure and eternal! When a soul takes any Divine promise and builds a fabric of hope upon it, sooner might the stars fall from heaven than that God should forget His Word or fail to make it good.

An English nobleman was walking in the countryside one day and found a little child in distress. She had broken her pitcher; and her family was poor, and the vessel could not be replaced. The good man put his hand into his pocket to find some money to give the child, but alas! He had not one penny with him. So he told her to meet him tomorrow at the same place, and at the same hour – promising to bring her money to buy a new pitcher. The child went home very happy, reposing perfect confidence in the kind man’s word to her.

The next day, the man was invited to dine with the Queen at the very hour of his appointment with the child. But he promptly declined the invitation. He would not fail in his word, even to an unknown child of poverty. She had trusted him, and his promise had made her happy. He would not disappoint her – not even for a thousand dinners with royalty!

Will God be less faithful to His Word? No Word that He has spoken shall ever be broken!

What promises of God are brought to your mind today? Take comfort in the assurance that when the Lord makes these promises to you in His Word, He will not disappoint your hopes! Thank you, dear Father, for such encouragement!

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God bless you and your family, this day and always.

All for the King’s glory,


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