Gratitude Practices: Not Just for November!

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gratitude practices

Gratitude is a virtue that we naturally want to instill in our children. An attitude of gratitude will bless them throughout their entire lives. Naturally, the month of November and the Thanksgiving holiday offer a wonderful opportunity to seize the moment and include gratitude practices.

It’s one of the best times of year to pause and give thanks to God for all of His blessings. But creating an environment where thankfulness thrives every single day takes intentionality all year long.

Would you like to know nine practical ways that homeschooling families can cultivate genuine thankfulness in our children each and every day? Then head over to this guest blog post that my friend Kerry Beck published as part of her 22 Day of Thanks Series on her website, How to Homeschool My Child!

Intentionally nurturing thankfulness in our everyday lives takes time and consistency. But encouraging grateful hearts in your children is worth the effort. Cultivating gratitude is a gift that will bless them for the rest of their lives. Let’s make gratitude practices not just a November lesson, but a daily part of our homeschool and family rhythm all year long.

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gratitude practices

P.S. Making your Thanksgiving dinner a distinctly Christian celebration helps keep Jesus at the center amid all the feasting and festivities. I’ve created a brand-new set of unique Thanksgiving-themed placemats that will allow you to infuse gratitude and God’s Word into your holiday table. With four different styles to choose from, each placemat features a beautiful full-color Thanksgiving design, along with space to have each of your children personalize it with their favorite Bible verse related to gratitude or giving thanks. Involving your children in decorating the placemats makes for a treasured family tradition while reinforcing gratitude and God’s Word in their hearts and minds. Let the Scriptures on these beautiful personalized placemats spark grateful conversation around your Thanksgiving table about the Lord’s blessings! Download your set of Thanksgiving placemats for free at the bottom of the article here.

P.P.S. Kerry and her sponsors for the 22 Days of Thanks Series have rounded up a wonderful prize for one of her readers this month. Through the rest of November, you can enter to win her Giving Thanks Grand Prize Giveaway (worth more than $200!). Go here to register your name in this Giveaway!

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