Prepare Your Children to Not Forget: The God-Centered History Summit

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God-Centered History Summit

Have you ever thought history was boring? Sometimes it can feel like that – a huge pile-up of names and dates and facts that will easily be forgotten.

Who really cares?

Well, God cares. And He commands us to care, too.

In Psalm 78, God charges us to teach our children – to teach their children – to set their hope in Him, to not forget His works, and to keep His commandments.

So how can you prepare your children to not forget?

Enter this:

The God-Centered History Summit (coming April 3-7, 2023) is a free, online, thrilling story-telling experience that will showcase the amazing work of Jesus around the world through the millennia. The best part? Your whole family is invited!! Together, you’ll transform your view of history, reshape your teaching approach, and inspire your children to advance Christ’s kingdom in history that is yet to be written.

How? Through over 20 personable, interview-style videos with a world-class lineup of speakers who will share almost-lost-to-history adventures and stories focused on…

  • World History
  • Church and Missions History
  • American Christian History
  • Your Part in Making History

The entire event is FREE if you sign up by April 3rd; and on top of the video sessions, you’ll get access to an online exhibit hall (shop some great sales!) and the opportunity to connect with other attendees around the world – and perhaps right in your hometown, too – through our private, 20,000+ member Homeschool Summits Facebook group.

It’s our prayer that your entire family will experience the God-Centered History Summit with a fresh vision for living a life by faith in our great God.

Don’t wait! Learn more and register for free (for a limited time only!) at!

All for our King’s glory,

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