Miller’s Monday Musings #64: Finding Christ in the Common Ways

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common ways

The way to find Christ is to look for Him in the common ways. This is the way to find our duty, too. Many people are always thinking of their mission in the world as something unusual. They do not suppose that anything so common as life’s ordinary tasks could be the thing God wants them to do, and the thing they were sent into the world to do. When they think of being of use in the world, they expect to have the opportunity of doing some fine thing – something out of the ordinary routine. But as a rule, it is in the line of our common duty that we find our best work, the things we are meant to do, and our chances for being useful to others.

Here is a piece from a recent story. “If I could only be of some use in the world,” cried Frances impatiently, “or could fill some place in it, I would not complain.”

“Well,” suggested Cousin Patty, “making beds is very useful work. Your mother seems to need someone now to fill that place in the family. Why not begin where you are in order to be useful? I never saw anybody willing to be of use who couldn’t be used right where he stood. As for filling places – did you ever think that you are put into your own place, in order to fill that? Wanting to climb out of your own place before you have filled it, and to go hunting for an empty one somewhere else, never seemed to me to be a sensible thing to do.”

This fragment of conversation suggests a very common mistake, as well as the way to prevent making it. Do the duty that comes next to your hand, and you will find yourself near to heaven. Do not wander everywhere, looking for Christ. He is not far off. You do not need to climb mountains or cross seas to see Him. Look for Him in the midst of the tasks of the common days. He was not made known at Emmaus in some splendid transfiguration, but in the breaking of bread at the common meal. Do your duty in the lowly ways, and you will see Jesus’ blessed Face beaming His love upon you!

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God bless you and your family, this day and always.

All for our King’s glory,

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