The Fearfully and Wonderfully Made Book

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Fearfully and Wonderfully Made Book

Since its unveiling at the Creation Museum near Cincinnati, Ohio, the new Fearfully and Wonderfully Made exhibit has been touching hearts and changing lives. This powerful walk-through experience reveals the miraculous development of babies in the womb and shows that both the Bible and science confirm that a baby’s life begins at fertilization. Tens of thousands of guests have already come through this one-of-a-kind museum display. Showing the God-ordained process of children maturing in the womb, this exhibit tenderly reveals that every baby at every stage is fully human and made in God’s image.

Now you can celebrate the wonder of life in this awe-inspiring book featuring photographs of the Fearfully and Wonderfully Made exhibit at the Creation Museum! God’s handiwork in the womb, as He knits us together, is largely unseen until a child is born. Through lifelike models and a detailed foldout timeline of development, you (and your children) will be fascinated by the miracle of life – from fertilization through birth! This 96-page book includes a 41.5″ foldout timeline of The Journey of Life Before Birth, as well as a behind-the-scenes timeline showing the process to create the exhibit at the Creation Museum.

Just as God is using the exhibit at the Creation Museum to save babies and bring healing to women who are victims of abortion, it’s my prayer that this valuable tool will help you point others to God’s gift of life and the gift of eternal life that He offers to all who repent and believe.

All for our King’s glory,

P.S. If you would like to share this amazing resource in your local church, pregnancy center, or other pro-life venue, you may be interested in the 19-foot-long, 6-panel wall display version from the Creation Museum’s Fearfully and Wonderfully Made exhibit. Learn more here.

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