Cyber Monday Curriculum Sale at Generations

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Cyber Monday Curriculum Sale

Cyber Monday: Mark Your Calendar

Dear friends,

Are you on the lookout for high-quality Christian homeschool curriculum, books, stories, films, and holiday gift ideas?

Are you operating on a tight budget and trying to stretch your dollars as far as they’ll go? (Our dollars seem to be stretching shorter and shorter these days. Thank you Inflation.)

If you’re saying “yes” to either or both questions, I’d recommend looking at Generations’ Cyber Monday sale (November 28). Their online store is loaded with faith-building homeschool curriculum, books, and educational resources. 

Generations (founded by Kevin Swanson) is all about helping you pass on the faith in Jesus Christ to the upcoming generations. They want to help you get your hands on quality Christian discipleship resources as affordably as possible. So…

…starting early Monday morning, they’re opening up their BIGGEST sale of the year: 20-50% OFF EVERYTHING in the Generations Store!

Here’s a quick overview of some of their most exciting deals…

Cyber Monday Don’t-Miss-It Offer

$1.00 $16.95

$1 Read-Alouds: Pick one of five hardcover classic Christian read-alouds for only $1 on Cyber Monday! (Limit: one per order.)

Generations has republished well-known and “forgotten” children’s classics with the original Christian content – the content 20th-century publications left out. Titles that are part of this offer: Captive, The Cross Triumphant, The Holy War, Titus: A Comrade of the Cross, and The Life of Henry Martyn.

Lightning Deals

(Limited quantities – offers valid while supplies last)

The Hobgoblins
$7.50 $15.00

Through Gates of Splendor
$4.00 $8.00

The Family at Church
$8.00 $16.00

Single & Satisfied
$6.00 $12.00

Samaritan DVD
$7.50 $15.00

The Gospel Comes with a House Key
$11.00 $22.00

1st-12th Grade Curriculum – 50% OFF!

And $20 OFF All Curriculum Packs (40-60% OFF Retail)

(Applies to all Generations produced curriculum)

Make Your Homeschool Curriculum Budget Go Further In 2023

Take a good look at Generations’ discounts on their Homeschool curriculum products. Their K-12 homeschool curriculum is written for the specific purpose of helping you weave God’s Word and a biblical worldview into every subject. On Monday they’re rolling out their best curriculum prices of 2022…for ONE DAY ONLY:

  • 50% OFF all Generations-published curriculum books and sets
  • $20 OFF Core Curriculum packs – a savings of 40-60%!

(This curriculum is a bargain at full price. It’s that good. At 40-60% OFF it’s insane!)

Family Bible Study Guides – 50% OFF!

You don’t have to be a seminary professor to dig deep into God’s Word with your family. Many parents (especially dads) avoid regular family worship because they feel inadequate and unsure of what to say. Generations Family Bible Study Guides make it easy to get started and have engaging conversations with your kids about God’s Word.

Kevin Swanson’s Books – 40% OFF!

Exceptional Family Gifts

Return to New Haven DVD
$16.00 $20.00

Patricia St. John Series
$34.00 $45.95

Little Pilgrim’s Big Journey Box Set
$45.00 $59.98

Browse a selection of gifts that will help your loved ones to know God better and saturate their hearts and minds with the truth of His Word.

20% Off Discounts Site-Wide!

This is Generations’ biggest sale of the year, so make sure you get stocked up on gifts for the holidays. All discounts are effective on Monday, November 28th, from 12:00 AM PST through 11:59 PM PST. They’ll be featuring sales in each of these categories:

Who is Generations?

If you’re wondering, “And who is Generations?”…Generations is a ministry founded by Kevin Swanson. Their mission is to equip families to pass on the faith in Christ to future generations. They are the producers of…

If you want to join the party on Cyber Monday…do this first.

  1. Think through 2023. What topics/subjects are you most wanting to focus on with your children in the upcoming school year? Where do you, your spouse, and your kids most need encouragement and calling upward in your faith?
  2. Browse the Generations store. Then make a list of items you think would be most impactful for your family in the next 1-6 months. 
  3. Come back to the store early Monday morning and get your order in. These deals are only available while supplies last.

If you want to fill your home bookshelves with high-quality Christian resources without breaking the bank, go to the Generations store on Cyber Monday.

Till next time. is dedicated to encouraging and supporting the reformation and revival of the Deuteronomy 6:6-7 lifestyle in the modern Christian family. As a part of fulfilling that goal, I endeavor to share and recommend resources that will help you value the Words of God and also “teach them diligently unto thy children.” Please know that I only recommend and promote material that is Christ-honoring and family-edifying.

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