Miller’s Monday Musings #31: Conquerors Through Christ

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Conquerors Through Christ

It is good for us to learn the need of Divine help in the temptations of our lives. It is not enough to have the formalities of religion; for in the great crises of our experience, only Christ Himself will suffice. It is said that Gainsborough, the artist, longed to also be a musician. He bought musical instruments of many kinds and tried to play them. He once heard a great violinist bringing ravishing music from his instrument. Gainsborough was charmed and thrown into delighted admiration. He bought the violin upon which the master had played so marvelously. He thought that if he only had the wonderful instrument, then he could play, too. But he soon learned that the music was not in the violin, but it was in the master who played it.

We sometimes read how certain persons have learned to overcome in temptation; and we try to get their method, thinking that we can also overcome, if we use the same formula that they used. We read the biographies of eminent saints to find out how they prayed, and how they read the Bible, thinking that we can get the secret of their victoriousness simply by adopting their order of spiritual life. But just as the music was not in the violin, but in the player; so also, the secret of victory in temptation is not in any method – not even in the Bible, nor in any liturgy of prayer – but only in Christ. The power that makes us strong is not in any religious schedule; it is not in any one person’s methods – we must have Christ with us, and Christ in us!

There is a beautiful legend of Saint Columba, the apostle of Christianity in Northern Britain. The saint wished to make a copy of the Psalms for his own use; but the one book was kept out of his reach, hidden in the church. Columba made his way secretly into the church at night, and found the place where the volume was kept. But there was no light in the building, and he could not see to write. Yet when he opened the book and took his pen to write, light streamed out from his hand and flooded the page with radiance. With that shining hand, he made a copy of the Psalter. Of course, that is only a legend; but it teaches us the valuable lesson that those who live always in communion with Christ have Christ in themselves, and so they need not falter at anything! When we are serving Him, He helps us. The light of His life in us will make our lives shine so that wherever we go, the darkness will be changed to daylight. Then we will always be conquerors in Him!

Have you prayed to the Lord Jesus to come and dwell within your heart, so that the light of His life within you may make your life shine today – no matter where you are or what you are doing? Why not take a moment to ask Him to do so now, so that you may always be a conqueror through Him?

I’d love to hear your thoughts! Feel free to leave your reflections and ask your questions in the Comments section below.

God bless you and your family, this day and always.

All for the King’s glory,


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