Choosing a Christ-Centered Homeschool History Curriculum

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Christ-Centered Homeschool History Curriculum

As homeschooling Christian families, we are privileged to shape our children’s education in alignment with our beliefs and values. An essential component of our children’s education is history, which chronicles our past, shapes our present, and influences our future. Incorporating a Christ-centered homeschool history curriculum is crucial in guiding our children towards a Christ-centered worldview.

A Christ-centered homeschool history curriculum helps our children understand that history is not just a sequence of events; it is the magnificent story of God’s redemption plan. The hand of God is evident in history, from Creation to the Cross, and the present-day. A Christ-centered history curriculum enables our children to comprehend how God’s redemptive plan is interwoven throughout history, how His design for salvation unravels through the lives of individuals and nations, and how a Biblical lens is imperative in comprehending their lives and the world around them.

Moreover, a Christ-centered history curriculum teaches our children about the impact of sin on individuals, societies, and nations. History is fraught with examples of people who pursued their interests, disregarded God’s commands, and caused destruction. The history curriculum we choose should enable our children to understand the cause and consequences of sin, and the hopelessness of seeking purpose and meaning apart from God. By learning about the lives of individuals in history, our children can recognize the devastating effects of sin and how a life surrendered to God can transform both individuals and the course of history.

Furthermore, a Christ-centered history curriculum fosters critical thinking skills and discernment, necessary tools in a world of competing worldviews. Our children need to learn how to evaluate ideas and beliefs through the lens of Scripture. They need to be equipped with the ability to discern truth from error, recognize the impact of ideas on society, and evaluate everything through a Biblical worldview.

One of my favorite Christ-centered history curriculums for homeschoolers is Kevin Swanson’s two-volume History of the World Set, available at the Generations bookstore. This exceptional world history course places the Lord Jesus at the center of human history, from Creation to the present, going beyond the narration of the great empires and early civilizations. It traces the footsteps of the Carpenter from Nazareth and His disciples into every significant nation, empire, and tribe worldwide. It is an excellent choice for parents who desire to teach their children history from a Biblical perspective.

As homeschooling Christian families, it is our responsibility to educate our children with a Christ-centered worldview, and a Christ-centered history curriculum is integral to that responsibility. By teaching our children that God is actively involved in history and that everything happens for a purpose, we help them understand their place in God’s plan and His calling on their lives. Additionally, a Christ-centered history curriculum provides our children with critical thinking skills, allowing them to separate truth from error and evaluate ideas through a Biblical worldview. Let’s seek the Lord’s grace and strength as we endeavor to raise a generation of children who comprehend the grand narrative of God’s plan for redemption and are equipped to advance His Kingdom in the world!

All for our King’s glory,

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