Miller’s Monday Musings #43: Better and Better in the New Year

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Better and Better

We ought never to be willing to live any year just as we lived the last one. No one is striving after the best things if they are not intent on an upward and a forward movement continually. The circular movement is essential, too – the going around and around in the old grooves, such as routine work and daily tasks. Yet even in this treadmill-round, there should be constant progress. We ought to do the same things better each day. Then, also, in the midst of the outward routine, our inner life ought to be growing in earnestness, in force, in strength, and in depth.

But there are some people whose life, year by year, is only a going around and around in the old beaten paths, with no onward movement. They are like men who walk in a circular course for a prize – covering a thousand miles, perhaps; but ending just where they began. Rather, our daily walk should be like one whose path goes around a mountain, but which climbs a little higher with each circuit – until at last we gain the clear summit and look into the face of God! Yes, in some things, we must do them every day; but we should do them a little better with each repetition. Someone has written,

“Speak a shade more kindly than the year before;
Pray a little oftener; love a little more;
Cling a little closer to the Father’s love;
Thus life below shall grow more like life above.” 

In what ways can you do things better and better this coming year, by the Lord’s grace, than you did this past year? Pray for grace and strength from the Lord to strive for the best things in an upward and forward movement!

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God bless you and your family, this day and always.

All for the King’s glory,


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