Answers Bible Curriculum for Homeschool

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Answers Bible Curriculum

Bring the Bible to life! Four years, levels K-5. Discover God’s plan of redemption.

An easy-to-use curriculum designed to give your students a Biblical foundation.

Answers Bible Curriculum brings the Bible to life! This exciting curriculum contains homeschool lessons that cover the entire Bible chronologically in four years, providing a powerful overview of God’s Word. Years 1 and 2 are available to order now.

What’s the big deal about Answers Bible Curriculum?

With ABC, parents and children of all ages can enjoy diving into rich content, memorizing Scripture, and learning how to apply the Bible to their daily lives. ABC goes through the entire Bible in the order the events actually happened, helping it make sense. Moreover, the curriculum is filled with Scripture and encourages believers in their faith, equipping them with answers for a skeptical world.

What makes ABC Homeschool different from other homeschool Bible curricula?

ABC Homeschool doesn’t teach a collection of “Bible stories.” Rather, this curriculum teaches students that the Bible is the history book of the universe. Each account is treated as a real event that truly happened, just as the Bible describes.

By looking at the chronological history described in the Bible, students will be equipped to stand on the foundation of God’s Word, defend their faith, and discuss how each account connects to the larger narrative and God’s redemptive plan.

You won’t find ABC’s emphasis on apologetics, chronology, and metanarrative anywhere else! Learn more and download sample lessons for levels K-5 by clicking the button below. Years 1 and 2 are available to order now.

Show your children the big picture of Scripture and the Jesus connection from Genesis to Revelation with Answers Bible Curriculum for Homeschool!

ABC Homeschool is a four-year walk through the Bible. Each year includes an easy-to-follow 36-week schedule, with lessons and age-appropriate learning activities for grades K-5. Use this teacher guide with all your children – no matter their age – or even as an entire family. Throughout the week, the younger scholars will complete the engaging worksheets in their own full-color student workbooks (sold separately). Designed especially for a homeschool environment, these activities reinforce the main lesson components, incorporate various learning skills, and encourage children to make the important connections within the account, with other Scripture passages, and to the world around them.

I hope that ABC Homeschool will be a blessing to you and your children, and that it will help you grow more and more in your relationship with our Lord Jesus.

May God bless you and your family, this day and always!

All for the King’s glory,

answers in genesis

Did you know that Answers in Genesis has a special collection of homeschooling curricula and resources? Get equipped with in-depth Bible teaching, apologetic connections, and engaging activities to help you raise the next generation to develop a truly Biblical worldview.

Answers in Genesis is a Christian apologetics ministry, dedicated to helping Christians defend their faith and proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ effectively. is dedicated to encouraging and supporting the reformation and revival of the Deuteronomy 6:6-7 lifestyle in the modern Christian family. As a part of fulfilling that goal, I endeavor to share and recommend resources that will help you value the Words of God and also “teach them diligently unto thy children.” Please know that I only recommend and promote material that is Christ-honoring and family-edifying.

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