Announcing “Miller’s Monday Musings”

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Christian Family Reformation is excited to announce the birth of a weekly series that will be featured in the midst of our other regular news and updates.

Lord-willing, each installment in this series will be published on Mondays; so be sure to check in at the beginning of every week! Or you can simply fill out the simple form at the bottom of this site, and these weekly portions will be conveniently delivered to your inbox.

The name of our new series is “Miller’s Monday Musings.” Here you will be treated weekly to a short quotation from the wealth of writings penned by James Russell Miller (1840-1912), a popular Christian author and pastor who is perhaps best remembered for his prolific practical writings on Christian home and family life. A very beautiful testimony to the character and life of this eminent servant of Christ is summed up very well by his close friend, Dr. W. Brenton Greene, who was a professor at Princeton Seminary. Said Dr. Greene, “If I dared let any man embody my idea of our Lord, I should find myself unconsciously turning to Dr. Miller for such an embodiment… it is one of God’s best gifts to us that we have been given such an example of Christlikeness.”

Each weekly installment in this series will feature a short quotation adapted from Rev. Miller’s writings by the Editor of this site. It is my prayer that the words of this man of God may become powerful and living messages that bring you edification and inspiration, as you and your loved ones strive for reformation within the walls of your own home and beyond!


Christian, the Editor

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