Christian Family Reformation

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The Mission

Christian Family Reformation is dedicated to encouraging and supporting the reformation and revival of the Deuteronomy 6:6-7 lifestyle in the modern Christian family! The content on this site, the available materials, and the recommend resources are all intended to fulfill this mission. Hopefully, they will help you as you hide the words of God in your heart and also “teach them diligently unto thy children.”

May you, by God’s grace, be enabled to continually reform your family life according to the standards of the Bible through the updates and information provided here. May the blessing of the Lord be abundant on your own Family Reformation journey!

About the Editor

This website has been a vision of mine for a long time, and I feel blessed to be able to bring it to a reality. As a homeschool graduate that was raised in a Bible-believing family, the heritage of the Biblical family unit is something that I hold close to my heart; and its preservation amidst today’s increasingly secular culture is one of my driving passions.

Besides wearing the hat of Editor-in-Chief of this website, I enjoy putting my eye to the lens of my camera, as well as resurrecting and republishing wholesome antique books. I also edit manuscripts and fulfill graphic design needs for a handful of Christian book publishers, in addition to working full-time on the editorial and design team of a Cleveland-based audience engagement software company.

All for our King’s glory,