A Mother’s Unparalleled Influence

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A Mother’s Unparalleled Influence

A mother’s unparalleled influence on the well-being of future generations surpasses all other earthly forces combined.

A genuine and transformative revolution must commence within the family, the very bedrock of all social institutions, whether civil or religious. And although fathers bear an undeniable responsibility for leading their wives and children toward righteousness, we must also acknowledge the exalted honor which the Lord has bestowed upon the noble work of devout mothers within the home. Their hands sow precious seeds within their children’s hearts, while their prayers and tears nurture the budding plants. Their gentle, timely, and well-suited guidance permeates the tender and receptive minds, much like the caress of rain upon the growing grass or the subtle dew on thirsty foliage. The most profound lectures do not emanate from lofty pulpits; but rather, they flow melodiously from the affectionate lips of mothers, with their little ones huddled around them. No eloquence rivals that of a wise and Godly mother, for no human speech can etch impressions as profound and enduring. These lessons are forever etched into the tablets of human hearts, and their inscription can never be fully erased.

Dear mothers, think of the great power that has been bestowed upon you by your Creator! No earthly influence can rival yours. In a most remarkable sense, the Lord has designated you as the guardians of your family.

O that God would grant every mother a glimpse of the magnificence and grandeur that lies hidden in the task bestowed upon her, when a tiny infant is cradled in her arms, awaiting her care and guidance! If she would only catch a fleeting glimpse into that life’s future, as it stretches onward into eternity; if she were able to peer into its soul and behold its boundless potential; if she could grasp her personal responsibility for nurturing and shaping this child, fostering its growth and determining its destiny – she would realize that in all God’s creation, there is no other work so noble and so worthy of her best abilities. She would commit to no other hands the sacred and Divine trust that has been granted solely to her!

The mother who builds a sweet and radiant home, permeating it with love, prayer, and purity, undertakes a task that is more noble than any other beneath the vast heavens. A true mother is one of the holiest secrets of home happiness. God bestows upon the world numerous marvels and noble endowments, yet no blessing surpasses that which He grants in the form of a mother who has mastered the lessons of love and comprehended the profound significance of her sacred calling.

May God’s blessings rest upon our mothers, today and always!

All for our King’s glory,

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The thoughts in this post were compiled and adapted from the writings of J. R. Miller, John Abbott, and Archibald Alexander.

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