Dear Fathers,

Let this be your prayer – not just today, but every day! Ask the Lord for grace to lead and guide your family in the ways of the Lord Jesus, so that they may be found by your side in the heavenly Kingdom.

“I [pray] that the word of Christ may dwell richly in my heart and house, that my whole family may have their set meals every day of this spiritual food. How can I expect that children or servants, who know not the God of their fathers, should serve him with perfect hearts? (1 Chr. 28:9) Alas! How often are their ignorant hearts (like dark cellars abounding in vermin) full of sin! Oh that I might so talk of the Word of God in my house, when I lie down and when I rise up; that it may be written upon the posts of my house and on my gates (Deut. 6:7, 8); that I may so often water the young plants in it; that their first acquaintance may be acquaintance with God, and from their childhood they may know the holy Scriptures and be wise to salvation, through faith which is in Christ Jesus. Though others’ care be to instruct their [families] only in their own work, let my care be to instruct mine in God’s will and Word. Though others labor to leave their children rich, let my endeavor be to leave mine religious. Lord, enable me so to teach them Thy trade in their youth, that they may not depart from it when they are old (Prov. 22:6); that their young years, well-led, may be like the sweetness of a rose, whose smell remaineth in the dried leaves!”

– George Swinnock (1627–1673)

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